A Google Review from Nick N


The staff at Ellen Rosenbaum Real Estate was truly amazing. Allow me to explain where my real estate journey once began before working with Ellen Rosenbaum Real Estate, and let me tell you, it was not a pretty experience before. Honestly, when I began searching for my first home, the entire process was incredibly daunting. I used three different realtors and despite them having a “proven track record,” the satisfaction as well as experience was nothing short of a disaster. I believe that due to my younger age, I was not taken seriously as a first time buyer, which is really one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a realtor in my opinion. I saw multiple properties, some of which did not meet my criteria at all and some that I absolutely loved. Despite seeing how much I loved a particular property, my former realtors would take the entire day to write up a contract and make an offer. As most people know, we are currently in a seller’s market, particularly in New Jersey. Time is and was of the essence, and my former realtors did not make a point of getting the job done when I counted on them most. Needless to say, I began to give up on buying my first place. However, I would come to meet some of the greatest people I have ever met in my entire life. I met Jason Lefkowitz who was my realtor through Ellen Rosenbaum Real Estate through a friend. Right away, I could tell that Jason was the right realtor for me. Within an hour, Jason was sending me comps of properties I liked and sending me properties to consider that I did not even know about due to the fact he had access to the MLS. Within a week, Jason showed me three properties. I made an offer on one of the properties but unfortunately was outbid, while Jason was very understanding of my budget, he never got annoyed when I had to back out of the bidding war that I was in. Just like something out of a movie, a sort of “miracle” happened. A property that Jason originally showed me the listing for had reduced the price due to a mortgage that fell through from a potential buyer. Originally, the property was out of my budget, yet the reduced price had caught my eye and seemed like it could work out. The same day, Jason showed me the property and I immediately fell in love with it, it was a 2 bedroom condominium located in Dunellen, NJ. It had everything I wanted, proximity to the train station, bus stops, restaurants, bars, and also proximity to Rutgers University. The same day, Jason and David Rosenbaum, one of the owners of the real estate company brought me into their office to see what we could offer. I was also able to meet Ellen herself who was nothing short of a wonderful and kind woman. After about 10 minutes, Jason and David made an offer that was presented to the listing agent. Within just 14 hours, we got a response from the listing agent. The bank, who was the previous owner of the property counter offered at a price that I could not refuse. Just like that, my journey to becoming a homeowner truly began. David Rosenbaum recommended a real estate attorney who I could not have been happier with, his name is Edwin Cintron. Within a few days, we had entered attorney review. Just three days later, attorney review had ended and I was officially under contract for my first home. During both attorney review and while I was under contract, Jason Lefkowitz showed the utmost professionalism and kindness throughout the entire process. I truly felt that I had gained a friend throughout this journey. Jason would promptly answer and questions I had either through text or calls, despite being such an active and busy guy. He would call or text me daily even if I did not contact him to make sure I was informed of what exactly was going on at all times. Jason Lefkowitz came with me for all of the necessities, including inspection, getting the certificate of occupancy, and even closing. Jason and the rest of the staff at Ellen Rosenbaum could not have made me feel any more comfortable or at home throughout the process. I recommend them to anyone looking to buy a home, big or small