A Google Review from Angelina Figueroa


We have known David for over 6 years. Our journey began in 2012 when my husband and I decided to start house hunting. Being first time home buyers and living out of state, we weren’t sure who would be the right realtor for us. So as many people do, we turned to family for feedback on their experience. We were referred to David and told how wonderful he was. We contacted him immediately and he put us first from day one. He showed us around the neighborhood and was extremely knowledgeable. Though we thought we were ready at that time, we decided to hold off on our first purchase. 3 years later we were finally truly ready and contacted David and only David. All it took was 1 call and to my surprise at the time, David remembered exactly who we were by name even remembered our daughter. That second first impression did it for us. It showed the genuine side of him that not many realtors show. The caring honest side that only wanted to make us happy. He gave us all of the information that we needed, searched high and low for the perfect home for us. He hid absolutely nothing from us. He was sincere every step of the way and anytime that the going got tough he was right there by our side letting us know that everything was going to work out. He made the entire process a hassle free process for us. He connected us with the right people at the right time and made us his top priority. And when push came to shove he always had our backs right up until our final walk through when the seller had still not fulfilled their obligations, he negotiated and contacted the right people to have the situation handled before we signed off on our home. House hunting can be a very stressful and nerve wrecking time for many but I can honestly say that that was never our experience not with David by our side. He answered every question, every call, every text, every email … everything. And his support has still never ended. To this day, he is always there to help us with any questions that we may have. Anytime we need something done around the house, we call David, not google lol. He’s our go to guy. He has proven through the years to be so much more than a realtor, he’s a friend to us, he’s family. If your looking for a realtor who will always have your back, who will always be honest and sincere and who will be there way past the closing, David is your guy!