A Google Review from Ryan Slattery


so, let me just start this review by saying No Other Realtor, and their Team will ever take care of you the way Ellen and her team did! She has such insight and dedication to her clients. Don’t go anywhere else. So the story is this, We had a great house in Old Bridge, her territory> we wanted to wait to put the house up for sale. She came to our home and spent almost 2 hours there! who does that? She convinced us that it was a seller’s market and we should put the house up NOW, bc there was nothing like ours that was out there. We wanted a price that was quite higher than the other houses in our development. She said, ” let me try something”. Her Strategy was Brilliant, I won’t tell you what it is bc I don’t want her competitors to know what it is. We did not have an open house. We listed the property and on our first showing had at least 20 people come. We had 4, yes, 4 offers at asking price or above within the first 3 days!! We worked closely with her on who we felt would be the best “fit” for our beloved home, and in consultation with her we decided on the perfect fit for our home. After that, it was pretty effortless! Her team, led by the most amazing woman, Sue, made this happen in a way we could not imagine! Every detail was addressed, they were Always Always available to us if we had any question at all – weekends, nights, mornings – and the closing went through without a hitch! We are actually in contact and Love the buyers of our home and wish them all the happiness that we had there. Bottom line, realtors promise you a lot of things. Ellen and her Team produce; they do what they say, and don’t BS you! Please consider Ellen and her team if you are buying or selling!! Ellen, Sue, We love you guys!! Thank you for everything!!